10 Homesteading Resolutions to Make for 2016



Have you ever heard about homesteading?  If so, what do you think of it? Have you considered trying the homesteading lifestyle?

Homesteading can be challenging especially to beginners. However, the skills you’ll learn as you attempt to live a self-reliant and self-sufficient lifestyle is definitely worth it. This is why many people are considering homesteading.

As a prepper, I believe that homesteading plays an important role in survival. Why? Homesteading is one way a person will acquire the skills needed to live a convenient life. More importantly, you won’t be worried when SHTF for you know what to do to survive.

With this said, I wanted to share another article I’ve read about homesteading. It gives the reader an in depth idea about what homesteading is all about. It also enumerates a number of homesteading resolutions homesteaders should make this year.

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10 Homesteading Resolutions to Make for 2016