112 Uses For Baking Soda From WWII You Didn’t Know

image source: plantcaretoday.com
image source: plantcaretoday.com


I’m sure many of you have a box of baking soda lying around at home.  By now, you may even know the multiple benefits of this common household item.  You may be using it to deodorize your refrigerator,  bake cookies, scrub your sink, and for many other things.  But did you know there are 112 uses for baking soda?

I found an article that provides 112 tips and tricks of baking soda used in WWII.  Before finding this article, I was well aware of the benefits of baking soda, but never realized that we have been using these tricks for several decades.

A few favorites of mine:

Line Drying – to keep clothes from being stiff, add baking soda to your washer.

Sunburn – to relieve pain, make a thin paste using water and baking soda. Gently apply
to the burned area.

Detox– to relieve aches and pains, mix 1 cup baking soda and 1 cup apple cider
vinegar in a warm tub of water.

To see the full list of 112 uses, click the link below.  Don’t forget to share your thoughts.

112 Uses For Baking Soda From WWII You Didn’t Know

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