50 Survival Tips and Tricks for the Outdoors

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As a Prepper, I continue to look for ways to prep for survival.  The more I know, the better.  Of course, I can’t expect my self to prepare for every situation possible (and I don’t expect anyone else to either), but I try my best to be aware of important survival tricks.

I found an article that put together a list of 50 useful survival tricks and tips for outdoors.  Some of my favorites form the list are: Staying Cool in the Desert, How to Start a Fire using Hand Sanitizer, How to Get Water from Trees, How to Make a Survival Water Filter, and more!

Read the article below and share your favorite tips.

50 Survival Tips and Tricks for the Outdoors

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As James Allen once said, "A man sooner or later discovers that he is the master-gardener of his soul, the director of his life." Meaning, what we do today will influence how we live tomorrow; so we must be prepared for the unexpected events that happen in life. My goal for Survival 24x7 is to continuously find helpful resources from around the world to help you become more self-sufficient, prepared, and ready for survival. Why? Because you never know when SHTF!