66 Shelters You Can Make From a Tarp



A tarp is a must have for every bug out bag because it’s versatile and light weight.  One way you can use a tarp (poncho) is to make a shelter.  I found an article for our fellow Preppers that shows 66 ways to use a tarp.

Personally, I have a this 8×10 Stansport Waterproof Multi-purpose Tarp from Amazon that is fairly inexpensive is a good quality.

For those who have a tent and think you don’t need a tarp, think again.  Tent’s are nice, but when your bugging out, you don’t want to stand out and unfortunately many tents these days seem to have bright colors.  So you may want to cover up the tent with a good size camouflage tarp.

Below are 66 different ways to make shelters from a tarp:

Here is an Article that talks a little more about Tarp Shelters