95 Survival Tips For When the SHTF



Being a prepper involves continuing to learn variety of survival skills. As I’ve never failed to remind you before, it pays to spend time mastering survival skills because you’ll never know when the SHTF. You have to equip yourself and be prepared for the worst.

Whenever I come across new survival tips, I make it a point to share them to you. It’s because I am passionate about wanting people to know about information which can be useful in everyday life and survival situations. In this regard, I’ve found another set of useful survival tips for when the SHTF.

This is something we can all benefit from, making it a must-read. The article discusses new tips I’ve never shared before. It also comes with two videos which you can watch below.

The tips include survival and those which will be useful when you’re in the wilderness.

Check out the videos below now to learn more!

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As James Allen once said, "A man sooner or later discovers that he is the master-gardener of his soul, the director of his life." Meaning, what we do today will influence how we live tomorrow; so we must be prepared for the unexpected events that happen in life. My goal for Survival 24x7 is to continuously find helpful resources from around the world to help you become more self-sufficient, prepared, and ready for survival. Why? Because you never know when SHTF!