Can You Eat Foods Past Their Expiration Date?


Can You Eat Foods Past Their Expiration Date

Grocery shopping can be time consuming and a struggle. Aside from trying to find the items that you need to purchase, you also have to ensure that the items you buy are still safe for consumption.

This is applicable especially with fresh meats, eggs, fresh produce and more. On the label of these foods, you’ll often see the phrases “Best if used by”, “Best before”, or “Use by” followed by a specific date.

You may have wondered what each phrase means. You may have even asked if you can still consume the food after the date specified on its label.

I have found an article which discusses this topic in detail. The article also cites specific food products, their shelf life, and signs you should look out for that tell you it’s not safe for consumption anymore. This will surely answer all the questions you have in mind about whether or not you can eat foods past their expiration date.

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Can You Eat Foods Past Their Expiration Date?