DIY Wilderness Soap and Shampoo



Have you ever heard about the yucca plant? It’s the plant notable for its pointy sword-shaped leaves extending in all directions from its base.  If you’ve been in the woods or forests, chances are you’ve seen this plant already. 

The yucca plant has a number of uses preppers can definitely benefit from. For one, you can use its leaves to make strong ropes. But what most preppers do not know is its roots can be used to make soap and shampoo.

This is definitely a great benefit to us given that bathing while in the wilderness sometimes become a challenge. Water is very easy to find. However, you can’t always have a bottle of shampoo and soap handy with you.

Click the link below and find out how you can make your very own shampoo and soap just by using the yucca plant’s roots. 

DIY Wilderness Soap and Shampoo