How to Find Food After SHTF



For preppers, knowing where to get food during the worst climate and situations is a priority. Why? Simple because food is human’s necessity, next to water.

You’ll hardly think straight and move fast if your stomach is empty. This is why it matters to have a full stomach, especially when SHTF. This is why I’m always interested to read about articles that help me find food after SHTF.

Regardless of where you live, there are edible plants and greenery you can find to help you survive. Yes, this is true even if you live in a highly urbanized area! You may have not yet discovered them yet.

For this reason, here’s the article I’ve found which will surely give you more information on where to get food when SHTF. You’ll learn and discover places you can find food at that you’ve never thought of before. Read on to learn about them now.

How to Find Food After SHTF