Growing Your Own Chicken Feed the Easy Way


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Some places or some people call “chicken feed” as “cheap”, but that is far from the truth.  Especially for those who feed an organic, soy-free and corn-free formula.

“While working for chicken feed may not seem like a good trade off for you, starting small is the best way to know if growing your own feed is right for you and your flock. This does not mean becoming a grain farmer. Forget about rows of waving grain, harvesting, threshing, and storing. Do it the easy way: Do it one step at a time and set up systems that require minimal labor.”

After reading this article you will see “It is easy to see the cascade of benefits that can be realized from getting involved in your chicken’s diet. These benefits include reduced feed cost, vastly improved health for the flock, maximized egg quality, conservation of labor in the garden and orchard, and improved diversity of the garden environment.” (source:  Read the article to learn more.

Growing Your Own Chicken Feed The Easy Way



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