How To Fill Your Water Bottle From A Tree



Have you ever been outdoors for an extended period of time? When you pack your bags and go for a trip, it’s usually for a certain amount of time only. The supplies you carry with you are expected to last within the time you’re outside.

However, what if an unforeseen circumstance occurs? What if you can’t go back home right away, say, because of the weather? Your supplies will surely run out and you’ll have to find a way to survive.

While it’s hard to find food outdoors, it’s harder to search for a safe, drinking water. It’s great if you can run into any body of water. But what if you’re in the wilderness or a forest with nothing but trees?

You’ll rarely find yourself in this situation. That doesn’t mean that you won’t prepare for it though, right? With this said, I’ve found a video which teaches us how you can your canteen with water from a tree.

Click the video now and be amazed at how it’s really possible!