How to Make Aspirin If You Are Lost in the Woods



If you’re someone who loves exploring the outdoors, chances are you’ve been hit by some kind of pain and fever while outside. This shouldn’t be a problem if you’re always ready and you’ve got aspirin handy. However, what if you don’t have it?

What will you do if you’re lost in the woods and you don’t have aspirin or any kind of pain reliever with you? As a prepper, I always foresee the worst thing that can happen when I’m out and about. However, even the best of us can miss bringing the must-haves sometimes.

With this in mind, I’m so glad when I’ve come across another useful article. It talks about how you can make aspirin while outdoors. Isn’t that amazing?

The video will enumerate the steps on how you can do it using ingredients you’ll find in the woods. Click on the link below so you’ll see and learn how it’s done.

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