Make Damaged Rope Usable Again With a Sheepshank Knot



Do you have ropes at your home? Have you seen if they’re all in working condition? If your ropes are damaged, they’re pretty much useless.

Since you’ve thought that you can’t use them for anything, you may have considered just throwing them. While I will agree about your decision before, I’ll say no to it now. I’ll tell you why.

I’ve found an article with a video tutorial about how you can make your damaged ropes usable again. Isn’t that amazing? You’ll see the step by step process on how you can find use for your damaged ropes with little help from a sheepshank knot.

So before you march to the garbage can to get rid of the damaged ropes, check out this video lesson first. I’m positive you’ll find it very useful and valuable as I did. You’ll learn a crucial survival lesson, too!

Check out the video below.

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