Self-Feeding Fire Burns for 14 Hours Plus!



Have you ever experienced camping? It’s such an enjoyable thing to do whether you are alone or with company, especially during the winter months. It allows you to get closer to nature and see it from a different perspective.

If you’ve camped for more than one night, especially during the winter months, you know just how cold it can be. With this said, you have to keep yourself warm. How can you do that?


Sometimes, the problem with campfire is that you have to tend to it from time to time and make sure it continuously burns.

What if you need to sleep? What happens when the fire has already gone out but the temperature around you remains cold?  It’s totally inconvenient to get up from your sleep just to light the fire again.

With this said, I’ve found an article which discusses how you can create a campfire that burns for more than 14 hours. Read on to learn more.

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