How To Stop Car Windows From Fogging Up With Cat Litter


Fogging Up With Cat Litter

Do you experience high humidity and cold temperatures in the area where you currently reside? Do you drive? If your answer to both questions is “Yes!”, I bet you deal with a foggy windshield often.

This can be dangerous as you won’t see what’s ahead of you when you drive. With that in mind, I’ve found an impressive article which discusses how your windshield can be free of fog during cold temperatures using an old sock and cat litter.

You may have never thought that cat litter has of no use at all and that’s normal. Usually, the seemingly useless things around us can be useful in everyday life and during survival situations.

As a prepper, I have learned to never underestimate the things around me as they can have a hidden benefit that’s waiting to be discovered. Watch the video below to find out how cat litter can help you have a fog-free windshield.