Survival First Aid: DIY Vapor Rub For Coughs and Congestion



It’s every prepper’s major goal to know how to fend for himself if he’s alone, whether for a short or long period of time.

Though we may not find ourselves in challenging and threatening situations all the time, the occasional cold or cough can struck us in unexpected situations. It’s never fun to be sneezing and coughing under any circumstances. Whether you’re at home or in the middle of nowhere, both can cause you headache.  

With that said, you’ve got to be always prepared by having something handy to combat these two.


In my search for content rich articles on the internet, I’ve found another gem that all preppers would surely consider precious. This article talks about how you can create your own DIY Healing Vapor Rub using easy-to-find ingredients.

The instructions are very easy to follow as well; you won’t have a reason not to make it and have it handy before your next trip outdoors.


Read on to learn more.

Survival First Aid: DIY Healing Vapor Rub For Coughs And Congestion