This Outdoor Enthusiast Constructs and Sleeps in 100 DIY Survival Shelters



If you’re someone who loves nature and explores it from time to time, you probably have wished to sleep in the woods. And maybe you’ve done it already.

Being able to survive in the woods in a couple of days or more is one skill not just nature lovers should learn, but also preppers. Knowing how to use resources which nature offers to you freely so you can survive is definitely worth learning and mastering.

With this said, I came across an article which chronicled the experience of an outdoor enthusiast and his attempt to complete building 100 wild huts. His goal was to make use of materials found and gathered only from the woods where he camped. This wilderness whiz is somebody all preppers can surely learn a number of useful lessons for preparedness and survival. Plus, the pictures of the huts he built are all priceless!

Read the article below to learn more.   

This Outdoor Enthusiast Constructs And Sleeps In 100 DIY Survival Shelters