This simple tool could keep you alive, pack one in your bug-out bag



The wilderness is one of the most challenging places you can ever be. If you always spend time outdoors, you know this already. However, if you’re not the outdoorsy type of person, you’ll have to be there before you fully realize it.

As a prepper, I believe that one should not only have the skills needed to survive anywhere. I also think it’s crucial for you to have the right tools. With this said, I’m happy to tell you about a new discovery.

I’ve found article which talks about the Primal Gear Unlimited Compact Folding Survival Bow. It’s basically what you need if you don’t wish to fire a gun or if you don’t have ammo left. This folding survival bow can be folded as its name suggests, so you can bring it anywhere you needed to go.

Click on the video now to see how the folding survival bow works. I’m positive that you’ll be amazed.

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