Top 10 Items to Stockpile For Emergencies


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Top 10 Items to Stockpile For Emergencies

Manny: “Hello, it’s the Sno Man again and I’ve been very busy with the Jack Phoenix Project, but I wanted to take a break and tell you the top ten items you need to stock pile RIGHT NOW. Now whether you think there is gonna be some kind of economic melt down or not, see the thing is, nature doesn’t care who is in control of the government. So Sandy came along. We are 11 days past Sandy as we do this and there are still people without food, water and electricity. So you need to be ready for a circumstance like that and I’m gonna tell you what you can do TODAY to be ready for tomorrow.”

“Okay the number one thing you have to have in an emergency is water and non perishable food. Make sure you’ve got that ready okay? This means you are gonna stock up on containers with water that you can drink in am emergency. So, gallon size is fine. You can buy the big 5 gallon jugs of water, but in addition to actually storing water, you also need to have a filter system. I like this one. This is the Sport Berky Bottle. Go to the blog. I’ve got links to it and you can check it out. Find out everything you need to know. You can even save by buying 3 of them if there is more than one in the family. So you need to buy one of these because that has a  filter in it. Because you can be walking outside and find water in a ditch and you can fill this thing up and it filters through this and you can drink it as long as it’s not contaminated with pesticides or gasoline or some such things. So like I am pretty confidant that the water supply where I am is good. I can go to a pond or creek and I am good to go. I can also take a five gallon bucket and take it up to the pond and Berky makes a larger system that you can fill the water and you can filter several gallons a day. Not just a little bottle you carry with you but a supply of water for the house that is filtered as you go.”

“Food. You need canned food like this. We’ve got salmon, we’ve got beans, we’ve got tuna. Those items are important because you can eat this even if you can’t cook. So if you don’t have gas, or electricity, no means to cook, you can still eat stuff that is pretty tasty. Now, you can, can stuff yourself. This is beef stew that we canned. It is so simply. It is just meat, potatoes, carrots, onions, salt and water. Dry goods is a good way to go, but you have to have water and you have to have the means to cook it. So if you have those means use your dry goods. Add a little beef broth for flavoring. Keep salt on hand as well. So number one, food and water.”

“Flash lights and spare batteries. These run on ordinary double A batteries. I recommend for emergencies something that you can easily replace the batteries. So weird batteries that are hard to find might not be top choice for your emergency stock. Candles and matches. You gotta have these. Have a bunch of these. Have a lot of matches. And alternate ways of lighting things. So I also have a lighter and a striker. Here is what’s good about a candle. One flame in a room will light over an entire room just enough to keep you from tripping over things. So you can see where your going.You might not be able to read unless your sitting right by the candle. But ya know, your whole existence is not gonna be reading. One candle will burn a long time. Especially this thing.”

“Clothes and blankets. Not just whatever clothes ya got. I mean everyone has spare clothes right. But you need to have clothes in a specific place that is protected from the elements. So if a flood comes through you still got a place where you’ve got dry clothes. So, I keep mine in my new bug out bag. This is the Eberlestock. I got this for the Jack Phoenix project. Eberlestock was nice enough to send us one for product placement. I’ll talk about that in another video. Okay, the main thing we are talking about here is clothes. Let me show you what I’ve got. This is a dry compression sack that I got from Outdoor Research. I keep my clothes in this. I’ve got wool socks, wool hat, gloves, spare pants, underwear, a scarf. That kind of thing. So just pick what you need based on your climate or whatever you’re preparing for. And then put it in one of these dry compression sacks. Go to the blog and I’ll have a link for this specific item. You also need blankets. Go to good will on half off day and buy a bunch of wool blankets . Wool is good because it will keep you warm even if its damp. So these people out there are suffering after Sandy. They’re wet, cold, it’s a miserable climate in the winter. If you’ve got wool it will keep you warm even if its damp.”

“Okay you need a stove. A stove is gonna provide heat and a means to cook. Now, what kind of stove you use is entirely up to you. Propane, Coleman fuel or whatever. Where I live, if I lose power I can cook in a fire place or outside. So I like to use something I can use with wood. This thing is really good. This is a solo camp stove and Jack Phoenix did a video on this on the Doomsday Survival Skills. So I’ll post a link to that, to the blog or you can click here on you tube. So this is the solo stove, check it out. The point about this sort of stove like a Coleman fuel or propane stove, you gotta be able to cook food now and then. At least for moral. You need an alternate source of heat. That could be a space heater, kerosene heater, a little propane heater. Who knows, but depending on where you live you might have a fire place or a wood stove. That’s a great way to keep warm so that is what we use out here.”


“Another very important item to have is something you can barter. So that would be liquor, coffee and cigarettes. Even if you don’t drink liquor or coffee or you don’t smoke. Those are valuable commodities when you have a disaster like Sandy or whatever. So this is brandy, but you can get the cheap stuff man. Ever-clear is fine and you can use that as a disinfectant and you can use it for tinctures and things like that if your into that. Get your vitamins right. So, get liquor, coffee. Man you don’t know how valuable coffee can be for bartering until you need it. And cigarettes. I don’t even have any. I have a pipe and pipe tobacco. I don’t have cigarettes. Any combination of these items is good.”

“You need guns and ammo. Okay. 22 rifle is good. A 45 caliber, semi-automatic hand gun is a good choice and you need ammo. You need a medical kit Okay. You can buy these online and then doctor em up. So I’ve added a suture kit and some other stuff. Listen. If you have prescription medications you have to take, go to your doctor and tell him you need to stock up a months supply extra or whatever. I dunno. So you can have some in emergencies. Even if you’re not taking medications regularly you might want to have something for severe pain injuries, broken bones or anything that is going to be controlled. Like antibiotics, would be a very good choice to stock up on. Just go tell your doctor what you want it for. Go to the blog and I’ll have a list of items I think you should get prescriptions for. If that doctor won’t do it for ya find a doc in the family or a friend or neighbor and  make him your doctor and develop a relationship with him so he knows you’re not going to abuse it and will write you a prescription. It’s very important to have medication in an emergency.”

“You need to have a basic tool kit that belongs with your emergency gear. This is gonna be separate from the tools you have in your drawer or car or whatever because you never know where those are gonna be. You need an emergency tool kit that stays there until the emergency. Here is a few basic items, definitely add to it. A Swiss army knife. A regular survival knife. This is an Morakniv. It’s is only 11 bucks on amazon if you buy 2 of em. Screwdrivers, hammer, pry bar, duct tape and glue. Alright. Basic items in the kit. One other thing not here. Rope. Get rope, string, any kind of twine. I’ve got plenty of it, but its just not here.”

“Alright so that’s ten right? I’m gonna go ahead and give you a few more bonus items that you could add to your stock. I mean there is no reason to ever stop right? I mean unless you run out of room or get bored with it. These ten items that I’ve told you, I mean you could substitute what ever. It’s going to depend on your circumstances. Gonna vary based on your climate, whether you live in the city, the country, or the suburbs. It’s entirely up to you. Those items I think are very important to have.”

“Here’s a few bonus items. Toiletries. Very good for moral. You need tooth paste, tooth brush, floss and shampoo. Toilet paper. Man I can not tell you how valuable toilet paper is going to be when you don’t have it. Another thing you ought to have in case you find yourself with a lot of time on your hands. Be sure you have some books to kill the time, some old magazines. The bible. I mean you can read that thing for your whole life and still not get everything out of it that’s in it.  So, that’s a good one to have. Whatever. It’s just whatever you’d be interested in.  A survival handbook is good to have in a situation like this. So while we are on the topic of books. I mean there could come a time where you decide it’s time to bail. Alright you’re living in the city and FEMA is just not bringing the food and water and it’s freezing and you’ve got to get out of dodge. So how you gonna do that? I recommend this hand book. The survival hand book from DK. If you’ve got to get out of dodge then you gotta have this book in your supplies and read up before you go. Maybe take it with ya.”

“Alright one more really important item to have in your emergency supplies. Storage bags okay. If your wondering around the town and find some canned goods in the street or in an ally. Do you want to carry them around like this so everyone sees what you got or do you want to put them in a garbage sack or grocery bag and haul em back? The thing about this is you don’t have to have a back pack with you at all times. You might not have a back pack with you alright? But this, you can stuff all this in one pocket and then have a container if you need it. Also, these little zipper bags are good for, ya know, if you pick up batteries or find some nails or screws or anything like that that you wanna carry around. Put it in the zippy bag. Here is something else that’s useful, just these little sandwich bags. Have a bunch of little containers like this. Garbage bag, grocery bags, sandwich bags, zipper bags.”

“Okay listen, there is a lot of stuff our there that your going to need. If you think of anything else that people ought to have in their top ten list of items to stock pile, put it in the blog or comment on you tube. That helps everybody and be sure and check out the blog because I have a lot more info there about what to stock pile in an emergency with a links to articles and videos I’ve done on the topic. I hope you enjoyed the show and I will see you next time.”


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