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Video By Lonewolf Wilderness Survival School
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Treating Water

Boiling as a method for treating waterHey! Welcome back YouTubers!! It’s Shane with Lone Wolf Survival and I want to talk a little bit about water purification and water filtering. There’s a lot of different systems out there and there’s a lot of myths about what you can and can’t do. There’s all kinds of products on the market, everything from filters to pumps to tablets to chemicals, so I just wanna touch on a few today and go over some of the ones that we actually use in the field and some of the ones that we recommend and maybe dispel any myths that you heard about those.

So the first one I want to talk about is your best chance of filtering and making potable water and that is gonna be is to boil your water. Stainless steel, stainless steel canteen cup, in some type of open campfire sterno stove or any kind of heat source. Now there’s a lot of myths as to how long you boil water for. Some people say five minutes and some people say 10 minutes and some people say 30 minutes. You need to boil the water, your water as long as you feel comfortable drinking. I personally boil my water for a minimum of 20 minutes and let it sit and cool. That way I make sure that I got any bacteria or anything that’s in the water. It’s gone. If you wanna boil your water an hour that’s your prerogative. Whatever you feel comfortable because remember you’re going to be the one drinking the water so the easiest and most basic system is to boil your water.

Now there’s another system that you can use for boiling water. You can actually boil your water in a water bottle. You have to make sure that the bottle is full. Basically I will take the stick with a para-cord then put this right next to the fire. You can actually use that about two or three times before the integrity of the bottle starts to break down and my bottle obviously falls apart in the water goes in the fire put the fire out and we’ll talk about fire making in another episode.

Then there’s another way, that is UV treating. You actually set the bottle in the direct Sun light for a certain amount of time and the UV rays actually kill any bacteria in the water. Now I’m gonna go ahead and tell ya. I know what your thinkin, “Ok, how long?” I’m gonna leave my bottle in the Sun a whole day long. Because twenty minutes, 30 minutes, an hour, two hours I’m gonna leave it out as long as I possibly can before I put that bottle up to my lips and drink UV treated water. That’s up to you again what you’re comfortable with so that’s two ways boil my water, boil my water inside the water bottle with UV treating.

Lone wolf 3Next I wanna touch on a few filters and one filter system that we use obviously you know, I sing the praise, and that’s the life straw. This particular one is good up to 50 gallons I can drink directly from the source and it fits most water bottles. So I can screw this thing on to a water bottle I can fill a water bottle or my container. I have potable water I can carry with me or I can drink directly from the source. I’m a big fan of the Life straw.

Also, another  system that I like is a Sawyer mini and the cool thing about the Sawyer is I can drink directly from the source and also comes with a carry bag and I can screw it on the top so I can fill this up or I can drink from the sawyer bag. We also have found that this will screw on the top of a 1.5 liter Mountain Dew bottle. We learned that one the other day. So it has a of versatility with this, also comes with the clean out syringe to clean the filter out. This is a really neat system and this particular one it will treat 50,000 gallons of water. That’s more water than I’m ever gonna drink in my lifetime. As we all know I drink Mountain Dew. For the money, this is a really good system.

Now we can talk about filter bottles, charcoal bottles, There’s a lot of different ones out there. You’ll see them with the charcoal filter in the neck just like anything else, these systems have to be activated so you gonna have to run cold water through this to activate. The charcoal filters are pretty cheap so I have my container and my filter system. The replacement cartridges this one actually for ya’ll see me before with bobble bobble that I love so much. These filters, 2 pack filters 300 bottles of water is what one of these will filter.  So the thing with the  charcoal filters is it gonna take some bacteria’s or some pathogens that charcoal filters not gonna get so I’m kind of I’m kind of exposing myself to some risk.

Which is gonna take us back to how do I actually get everything out of my water and we moved to chemicals. A lot of different things out there. Coleman makes a good product this is iodine tablets and nutrient neutralizer The iodine tablets kills anything in the water the neutralizer tablets take out the taste of the iodine tablets in the water. Two-part series. (Coleman Potable Aqua Chemical Treatment)

Aqua, Aquamira makes a really good product. These are the chlorine dioxide water treatment drops, two system drops. Treats the water in about 15 minutes to get the potable water. Easy to fit your bug out bag or in your backpack. This is another good alternative solution. This is 15 bucks at your local prep store Army Navy surplus store.

Then we have in my little squeeze bottle unscented, regular household bleach. The ratio I use is 1/8 teaspoon per one gallon of water and I know for a fact that bleach is going to kill anything that could possibly be in that water. So this is another good this is another good system and Ive simply got my bleach in one of my little camp soap bottles. Squeeze bottles I keep in my backpack when we’re out doing stuff. Those working good with any kind of container system I’ve just got a military style canteen here. I can put my my water in here I can use my drops I can use my tablet so I can use my bleach and thirty minutes later got potable drinking water.

So these are just some examples of different systems on the market. Do your research and do your due diligence when you’re looking at what kind of area you in. Watch the demographic, what kind of water sources is it, is a stream, is a river lake, is at a pond, is it a mud puddle that you’ve come up on in the middle of nowhere. So you need that system to take care of that situation that you’re in. I recommend I recommend having two systems if not three in your survival pack or your bug out bag. Either a commercial-grade filter system some type of chemical treatment and then obviously means to make fire and a way to boil water. so just a little quick overlook on water treatment and just like always, be safe and see you next time.


Video By Lonewolf Wilderness Survival School
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Transcription provided by American Preppers Network

Number of speakers: 1 (Shane)
Duration: 8 min 16 sec



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